Available: February 2021

Reading Level: Grade 2 - 3 • Interest Level: Grade 5 - 8
Club Zoe
Available: February 2021
Author: Elizabeth Gordon
Specs: 5 1/4” x 7 1/8” • 88 pp •
HC ed.: 978-1-5383-8242-4 • $18.95 | $14.20
eBook: 978-1-5383-8321-6 • $18.95 | $14.20
Pbk. ed.: 978-1-5383-8241-7 • $11.70 | $9.95
Zoe is the most popular girl at school and at The Club. She gets a lot of attention from boys and she is always asked to dances. Now, she has her eye on an older boy, Steve, the basketball coach at The Club, but it seems like no matter how hard she tries, Zoe can't get Steve to ask her out. When The Club throws a big dance, Zoe knows that it's her last chance. But can she learn to value herself beyond what boys think of her?

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About the Author:
Elizabeth Gordon has a master’s degree in children’s literature from Hollins University. She was a finalist for the Hunger Mountain Katherine Paterson Prize for Young Adult and Children’s Writing, the winner of the Hollins University Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Scholarship, and winner of the SCBWI Barbara Karlin Grant. She has published nine middle grade books so far, including a five-book superhero series.